Modesty and Accountability

Modesty is a core value of highly achieving individuals; high achievers are usually not arrogant about their achievements or abilities. You find these set of people to be modest in everything they do despite their high level of achievement.

Research has proven that, high achievers enjoys the feeling of originality and fulfillment that comes with being modest and thus, they prefer to be modest about their life and achievement; think about it, why do they have to be arrogant or pretend about what they have already accomplished? the testimony of their accomplishments is there to make a statement on their behalf; this is a major reason why many high achieving individuals are usually modest.

Accountability is the obligation to justify actions or decisions; accepting responsibility for your actions and decisions. When you are able to justify your actions and accept responsibility for the trust bestowed on you or resources in your care; you are accountable for your actions, a responsible individual.

If a person is perceived as lacking accountability, such can not be trusted or seen as responsible; accountability goes a long way in building trust. People are naturally inclined to trust an individual with high level of accountability, because they will be able to entrust their time, energy, resources and confidence in such person without fear of complicity.

The combination of these two essential qualities (modesty and accountability) in an individual is what breeds success. Being modest and accountable are essential qualities that usually puts a person ahead in whatever they do in life; because trust is important when associating with individuals or corporate organizations, modesty and accountability qualities in you will determine if you are trustworthy or not.

Learn these values and make it an important part of your life that people see and attest to when associating with you; they are success building qualities.

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