Published: 19/08/2022 @BlogSpotMedia

Concentration is the ability to direct your maximum attention and focus on a task or activity.

It is easier to concentrate when there are no distraction(s); distractions are factors that can affect your ability to concentrate and your overall performance.

The passing of time (seconds, minute, hour); will automatically inform your sense of assessment if you are getting your goals right or you are losing concentration, this will direct your attention towards assessing your progress on a task or activity, before your output level or overall performance is affected.

Anyone can be distracted and eventually lose concentration, but time and your sense of assessment will not let you down, you will know when you start losing concentration.

The next step to take when you know you are distracted and losing concentration is to figure out why and what are the factors that are distracting you; when you know the reason(s) why you are distracted, your concentration is unconsciously being restored, because you can’t correctly assess or analyze your situation (life) without concentrating your mind, this process will ensure that you know the factors that are distracting you and how you will direct and concentrate your mind towards achieving your goal(s).

Factors that can distract and make you lose concentration include;

Work, relationship(s), anxiety, deadline(s), break-up/ divorce, worries, stress.

Being able to concentrate is a process; learning to ignore your distractions and focusing your total attention on a task or goal(s) is what builds the winning attitude.

Distractions can be anything or situation that is taking your mind away from the things that are important to your life, progress and overall performance, however, when this happens, don’t hesitate to assess the situation and figure out the reason(s) why you are distracted and in the process your concentration will be restored.

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