Freelance Blogging: Leveraging the environment and daily life experience

Published: 20/08/2022 @BlogSpotMedia

Firstly, you have to understand who a blogger is. A blogger is human like you and me; your neighbor, that friend you met on a train or bus ride or on a flight, the new pal you met at the restaurant or bar or in the club; a blogger can be anyone you know!

Generating content for your blog as a freelance blogger is sometimes influenced by your immediate environment, as a blogger you are open to several means of getting desired and traffic driven contents for your blog but your immediate environment have a major impact on your creativity and output level as a freelance blogger. What this means is that, a good content idea can be inspired by the environment a blogger interacts with; social gatherings and daily interaction with friends, neighbors, co-workers are basic source of blog content.

A skilled blogger knows how important his/ her immediate environment is, especially freelance bloggers, this serves as one of the means bloggers employ to acquire knowledge about important and fun topics. There are other means of sourcing for a blog content but for the sake of this discussion we will focus on leveraging knowledge from daily life experience and how a bloggers’ immediate environment can influence their work.

A calm environment will have a major impact on the quality of content and output level of a blogger; a calm/ silent environment allows the brain to process thoughts more effectively, a blogger will certainly have a clear mind with effective cohesion of thoughts in a silent environment as opposed to a noisy or ghetto environment. Complex thoughts requires a calm mind to be processed and digested accordingly.

A silent environment does not mean living in seclusion or isolation, but a crowded environment can hardly be calm nor silent; A populated and calm environment is ideal for this purpose, it ensures interaction with people from different line of work, social class and experience.

Having a clear mind with very little or no distraction is essential to achieving any goal or objective; blogging is not an exception.

It is safe to say, basically what a freelance blogger should know among other things like research and consultation, is the environment you interact with and its effect on your work.

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