Published: 30/08/2022

Growth is the process of increasing in size, capacity, ability, mass or process of germinating in plants. We will discuss how the principles of planting a garden or plant applies to business and personal growth.

To plant a garden you need a vision. A vision of what you want your lawn or garden to look like? Doing something as simple as picking the right type of grass seeds to plant requires you to know exactly what you want your grass to look like.

You don’t pick random plants or seeds and just throw them wherever you want on the ground, there really has to be a plan, you have to know what it is that you want. 

Same as in life, you don’t just start taking random actions. If you want any desired outcome, you have to work on the right activities that will give you those outcomes.

GROWTH is Natural Process

There is this innate trust in the process of growth. We plant an apple seed, it becomes an apple tree. We have this innate understanding of the natural process of growth.

That if the seed is planted in the right environment; That if the seed is given the right nutrients; And with the right amount of time; Growth is pretty much inevitable.
We understand growth as a formula.
But do we really apply the formula to our life and business?
Sometimes we give plants more grace than we give ourselves. So many small business owners fail to apply this same principle with the right activities to their business or personal growth. The principle for some reason doesn’t apply to them. 
And if you can have a vision for something like a plant or a child, give yourself that same grace.

GROWTH is Only Possible in The Right Environment

Not all seeds thrive in the same kind of environment.
Before you start planting seeds, you have to prepare the environment for them. And sometimes the first thing you need to do to prepare the environment is to remove everything that will get in the way of that potential growth. 

Grass seeds cannot grow if there are weeds in the environment, because the roots of the weeds will actually steal all of the new nutrients from the seeds that you are trying to grow.

Some of the most dangerous weeds don’t look like weeds at all. They actually look like grass or little flowers. But they blend in, energy thieves in disguise.
The weeds need to be removed and not just at the surface but at the root in order to give the grass seeds a real chance at growth.

The same kind of principles can be applied in our lives and in our businesses. We all have certain “weeds” in our environment.
Just like the weeds that were blocking the grass seeds from growing, we must remove “the weeds” in the form of habits, or people that don’t serve your growth vision (because if you don’t, growth will be negatively affected).

But how?
Ask yourself, “who do you give your time and energy to that makes you feel drained and negative after interacting with them? Start to set boundaries with that person. It can start small. One of the ways you can start doing this is just saying “no” to things that you used to say yes to.

Habits. Ask yourself, “What is one thing you currently do daily that the person you need to become to get what you want would never even dream of doing?” You can replace a net negative habit with a net positive one. When you start thinking and doing things differently, inevitably, it will lead to very different results.

All of this is a process, (one that is far easier said than done), but just like you have to dig deep and get comfortable removing the weeds in the yard to allow the grass grow, you have to do the same in your life and business. 

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