JAPA Syndrome: The new epidemic in Nigeria

Published: 11/08/2022 @BlogSpotMedia

What is JAPA?
Japa is a slang/ lingo in Nigeria. It is a combination of two (2) Yoruba words; Ja (Escape/Run)+ Pa (faraway), Japa simply means to ‘Run Faraway’.

Yoruba language is the indigenous language of the Yoruba tribe of south western Nigeria. The word Japa is more than a tribal lingo, it is a national slang to express interest in running or moving away, among the Nigerian people.

The word Japa became a relevant street lingo in Nigeria to communicate intentions of leaving a place or running for safety when Nigeria afro pop singer Naira Marley released his hit single JAPA in 2018, a self explanatory song about how he is being chased by the police but he won’t stop rather he will “Japa” to London, Canada and the song goes on.

Ever since the release of the song in 2018, Japa became the lingo to communicate intentions of moving away or running from something.

But today in Nigeria, the word Japa is more than just a lingo, it is a syndrome turning gradually into an epidemic. The majority of the Nigerian people especially the youths are of the opinion that the living condition in the country is not good enough and thus the conclusion by many that leaving the country in search of a better life is the solution.

No one is saying the Japa mentality is not a good one, at least before anyone could reach such a conclusion they must have weighed their options carefully before deciding to Japa

But the concern here is why do we have so many people willing to Japa from the country?
Considering the reality of the nation, majority of the people hoping to one day Japa have seen how the lives of their relatives and friends that have been able to Japa got better over time.

Things are not so impressive in the country but still, it is not entirely bad, there is a vast majority of people doing the most with the harsh reality and having a moderately good life in the country.

The situation when carefully looked into is that of a coin;

This article is not to convince anyone otherwise, it is about the new trend in our society, from careful observation many people now see Japa as the solution to the reality the nation find itself.

The solution/ cure to the Japa syndrome is what we hope to see soon before capable minds and able bodied Nigerians that the country needs to be industrious and productive all decide to Japa.

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