Keeping your values valuable

Published: 24/08/2022 @BlogSpotMedia

Acknowledged worth or importance of a person/ thing is what their value is.

Being self-aware of your worth or importance means you know your value; feedbacks from your co-workers, associates, friends or even society is the most accurate pointer to ascertain/ confirm that you have certain values, and it also ensures you know where you are lacking that needs improvement.

When you are sure what your values are, what is more important is keeping and improving on your values. This is not as easy as it sounds, in fact it is the hardest part of being a valuable person.

Your individual values will be challenged consciously or unconsciously, if you are not aware of the challenges putting your values to test, you will eventually be at the mercy of those factors challenging your worth; attestation of your worth/ values from associates will begin to depreciate, your integrity will be put to test and the people that already believe in you and your values will begin to doubt and this will lead to loss of trust.

Complacency is a major reason a lot of once valuable individuals lost value, not being able to assess and appreciate your progress and achievement over time; and you start feeling the need for unnecessary validations or irrelevant approvals, this will automatically put your values to question. Complacency makes you abandon your values for clout or irrelevant activities.

Arrogance is equally as dangerous to your values as complacency. Arrogance gives you an exaggerated sense of importance; it makes you reject useful advice or opinion(s). An arrogant individual can not be wrong, even when they are. They don’t feel the need to retrace their steps or assess their actions and inactions for productive improvement, after all they believe they are perfect and can’t be wrong. This trait can also make you lose value.

Lastly, integrity. Valuable individuals are known to be people of unquestionable integrity. Having an unquestionable integrity keeps you valuable. If your integrity is in question, your values begin to depreciate, people start to question if truly you are what they have believed you to be, this doesn’t affect your values alone, it also reduces the trust invested in you for your values.

To have useful values is not enough, working on yourself to maintain and improve on those values is more important if you will remain a valuable individual.

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